Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide substantial business intelligence & benefits to the cargo supply chain community using our unique & innovative real-time technologies.

Cargo intelligence for all

Why Our Product

Providing critical decision making information for customers to enable substantial savings & improved customer service available to all.


When container loaded & departed
Route tracking
Cargo status when container closed
All incidents tracked
Unplanned offloading – transshipments
When container opened – customs / invoicing
Container at port, loaded, off-loaded to avoid storage charges (demurrage)
Container at importer queue


Complete insight of journey
Departures, arrivals, loading, off-loading
Enhanced port pickup & customs planning
Unplanned delays
En route damage to cargo for re-ordering decisions
Queuing at offload depots for prioritising

Freight Forwarders

Complete tracking solution of cargo & container
Unplanned offloading events for rerouting planning
Departures, arrivals, customs, routes
Cargo conditions – normal & alerts
Substantial internal savings of staff overheads (c 20%)

Shipping Lines

Expected arrival times at port
Damage to containers – for further inspection
Monitoring cargo en route
Theft / damage / dangerous developments
Container management info at all times
No need for expensive installed devices in containers

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“Cargo intelligence for all” – that’s our mantra!

Using our extensive Logistics experience and working with ex-military design specialists, we have built sensor and communication devices to capture cargo data. By detecting and predicting cargo outcomes during a container journey, we provide quality assurance to our customers and allow them to react immediately.