Internal Device

External Device

Massive Sensor Array

Over 20 sensors per internal device and up to 256 per container – far more than any other device in the market

  • e-Seal locking device
  • Sensor suite
  • Autonomous
  • Secure
  • Full journey log
  • Blockchain enabled
  • Long lasting batteries

Sensor Fusion Engine

Combining large sensor data to provide deep knowledge of cargo incidence based on the content of cargo

  • Combining data from 20+ sensors per container
  • Provide deep knowledge of container and content based on specific content of cargo.
  • Near real time communication

Machine Learning

With the variety, volume and velocity of data identifying trends and making Event predictions


  • Event driven notifications
  • On road
  • Arrived at Port
  • Loaded on to ship
  • Damage to Container
  • Potential theft
  • Rerouted
  • Temperature alert
  • Product decay
  • End of Journey

Critical Decision Making

  • Re-routing of Container
  • Re-shipment of cargo to new location
  • Contacting the authorities
  • Commence insurance claim